Change by design


Experimentation over Presentations

A vision for “why transform” is important for uniting people to act but implementing the vision together, in an iterative and experimental approach, is what actually ensures that people can change in complex systems.

Pull not Push

Our approach to organisational change relies on a participatory design approach to change management.

Change by Design

Practically we assemble design teams drawn from people across your organisation and apply design-thinking methods to change at work.


How We Can Work Together


Culture sprint
(6 weeks)

You know what you why you want to change and have an outcome in mind but you’re not sure how to get started. You need a team a way to make change happen, pronto!

Work with us for a 6 week sprint cycle. We’ll embed our multi-disciplinary design team on-site for 6 weeks and partner with your people to implement practical ways to change in the flow of work.

culture transformation

Your spidey senses are tingling. You know there’s got to be a better way to work but you’re not sure what’s blocking progress or chasing talent away.

You need a team to help you assess the organisation and remove anything that’s getting in the way of awesome work. Work through the full Change by Design process with us.




The big bang approach to change doesn’t work. It’s why you’re sick and tired of hearing about “change at work” - because change management done this way rarely works.

We’ve adapted Google Venture’s design sprint - a five-day participatory design process for finding the right thing to build with customers - to the process of change at work. A sprint aims to deliver working prototypes which can be tested with employees in context. Takes the risk out of trying something new and shortcuts past those endless meetings stalling your change programme which we’re sure you hate.

It’s the perfect way to prototype new ways of working with employees.


Change by DEsign


The first cycle of the Change by Design process is 3 months with an emphasis on intense weekly cycles of prototyping, measuring and learning from solutions which address a complex challenge.

The first 2 weeks of the process are the Envision, Discover, and Alignment & Launch Phases where we help leaders align teams behind a common understanding of the vision for the change process and share the results of our research. We help teams map internal and external challenges and translate them into 5 priority business missions and launch a change movement drawn from across your business to address them.  

The Sprint phase has pilot teams working rapidly experimenting with new tools and processes to address the challenges.Validated solutions are shared with leaders to stress-test in the pilot phase where if they’re effective end up in a playbook to scale.


If you’re short on time, don’t have the budget yet for the full programme, but have a clear vision on where you want to go and what’s blocking progress, we recommend starting with a 6-week Sprint.



  • Develop a way to better sense what is happening in teams at work

  • Align behind business critical challenges which have the capacity to unlock creativity at work

  • Implement ways to resolve challenges in an organisational-wide change movement

  • Promote continuous and self-directed learning for individuals and teams

  • Empower teams with a new set of tools to support creative work and leave them with the agency to use them

  • Empower your leadership and people teams to support ongoing improvement by introducing capabilities influenced human centred design and behavioural science


success story


added R10m in revenue.

We worked together with the ATKV to find ways to appeal to and serve the needs of a broader market by creating an experience that would be true to the values of the ATKV, yet inclusive of others, through an internal creative transformation within the resort team itself.

We assembled a diverse team at the resort from the receptionist, to marketing, to cleaning staff and managers and included them all in the process of improving the service experience at the resort.


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