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Creativity is common to all of us. It is what makes us human and yet most people at work will never get to tap into their creative potential, they will never find meaning in their work.

Creativity, our ability to develop and mature novel ideas into ways to live better, is the key determinant of an organisation’s ability to adapt and respond successfully to change. Failing to encourage creativity at work is not just anti-human, it is anti-innovation.

That is why it is our mission to make work more human.

Through design thinking, we re-invent organisations as sites of creativity, learning and fulfilment and not just a means to an end.


Featured Work

R10m growth at ATKV

We worked together with the ATKV to find ways to appeal to and serve the needs of a broader market by creating an experience that would be true to the values of the ATKV, yet inclusive of others, through an internal creative transformation within the resort team itself. We assembled a diverse team at the resort from the receptionist, to marketing, to cleaning staff and managers and included them all in the process of improving the service experience at the resort.


Assess your culture

IDEO’s Creative Difference is a customised guide to help teams build their innovation capabilities and benchmark their performance against the world’s best teams. Find out how we use IDEO’s Creative Difference to support organisational change.


Betterwork encouraged us to become far more conscious of data and results in our approach, and also helped us see how we could build regular testing and experiments into our team activities to improve the way we work.

— Amanda Spohr, BrightRock




Transform your organisaton

Accelerate change at work by establishing a team and helping them to discover new ways of working together.


Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. That is exactly what BetterWork did for us.

— Reinard du Plessis, ATKV


Employee Experience Design


experience at work

Define your Employee Experience Strategy and have us design experiences, services, tools or content which supports employees throughout their journey at work.


Overall engagement across disciplines within the team has improved significantly, and we have a renewed energy when it comes to solving for team and client issues.

— Brittany Preece, Investec




spark a change

Our workshops are designed to deliberately shift behaviour. They are practical and fun but focus on immediately improving the conditions at work.


This is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before in a workshop. It was refreshing to be encouraged to be creative about our work and I’m happy it doesn’t end here, we have experiments to do, there’s action.

— Anon, workshop feedback.


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