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The nature of work is fundamentally changing. Now is our chance to explore how to design work as a site for learning, creativity and fulfilment.


Since 2012, BetterWork has coached 200+ startups, trained 1,000s of people on design and partnered with leading organisatons in Africa to weave human-centered design into team work


What We

Human-centred design, design skills and design-thinking are at the heart of responding to the unprecedented changes of the fourth industrial revolution.

Design give us the tools to respond to complex organisational challenges, and support the growth, innovation and jobs that will help organisations succeed.


Innovation Programmes

“How will we build the creative skills and ways of working needed for the new world of work?”

The 4th industrial revolution will usher in work that is more human, productive and purposeful. There is widespread acknowledgement that design is a core tool in unlocking the potential for people to be creative, to be self-directed learners and greater contributors to growth and innovation.

Blend training, coaching and advisory to embed design-thinking into everyday work and as a result unlock the creative and collaborative potential of teams.


Better Ways of Working

“We know there’s got to be a better way to build or improve our products and services but we don’t know how to start, help!”

It can often feel like the challenge of trying to solve complex problems at work is insurmountable. More-so if you feel like your team just can’t seem to collaborate successfully.

We join-up with teams and pilot new ways of working in successive evidence-led cycles of experimentation.

With our guidance, advice and expertise your team will have the support and process they need to reimagine how they work together.


Social Impact Movements

“How will we move beyond profit toward purposeful and meaningful work?”

We’re exploring ways to address the ‘good work gap’ – the difference between our vision of good work and the everyday reality at work. We know that most people want work to be both a meaningful and learning experience.

We help organisations explore and live up to their purpose every day and have developed The GoodWork lab to combine learning design and doing good together.


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Latest Projects


Experimenting with purposeful work for a leading financial technology firm.

We joined forces with teams to develop ways to trial purpose in everyday work. We setup experiments to surface enablers and blockers of working purposefully.


Activating Design for Human Capital Managers at Standard Bank

We worked with Standard Bank’s Human Capital team to design and test ways of working which weaved just enough design into every day work to help the team achieve their goal of becoming better business partners and more human-centred leaders.


Supporting ‘Stewards of Change’ at RMB to enable leaders to lead through change

Worked with senior managers to introduce habits which encouraged human-centricity and learning from the work to improve psychological safety and in turn responsiveness to change.


Designing New Ways to Lead for the World’s Largest Mining Company

Working with GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science) we have designed a process to embed ways to lead through change in the flow of everyday work in high-impact, participant led sprints.

Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. That is exactly what betterwork did for us.
— Reinard Du Plessis, ATKV

“There has been a change in my mindset regarding how I can as a leader introduce something new at work in that, I now appreciate that one can start off with small changes and build these up.. I will go forward be more confident in introducing changes at work..”
— Senior Manager at Global Mining Firm

Tools to Make Teams Great

Download free method card decks which will quickly help


Card Deck

The better way to scale your business. Use the Scale-Up Toolkit to deliberately design your organisation and employees’ experience in support of continued and sustainable growth.


Employee Experience Design Deck

The purpose of this deck of cards is to give you the ability to redesign the ways in which you and your team experience work.


Free Tools to Make Teams Great

There are so many tasks and daily activities that happen ‘just because they have always been done this way’ and these method cards give you tools and sometimes the agency to change that, to question how you work and why, and to encourage better ways to work together.


Do Good Work

Join forces with our communities to bring your considerable talent into our movement to change the way the world works, for the better and for good.

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Join the Good Work

The GoodWork Society (The GWS) is an N.P.O (2018/369655/08) which aims to enrich society by encouraging organisations to adopt more human ways of working and engages people in public lectures, events, research.

Join the community

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Learn Design by
Doing Good

The GoodWork Lab, a South African Social Impact Lab, brings people together from different organisations to collaboratively address the U.N’s Sustainability Goals.

Go beyond “how might we” in the GoodWork Lab with peers from different organisations who want to learn design while applying it to real world challenges.

Play your part in the first cohort (2020)