Get Your Team Ready to Design

Design and design skills are at the heart of responding to the unprecedented changes of the fourth industrial revolution. They give us the tools to respond to complex challenges, and support the growth, innovation and jobs that will help organisations succeed.

We think that the best way to do this is to blend just enough design into everyone’s work. By weaving design into the flow of everyday work, teams become human-centred, unlock their potential to solve complex problems collaboratively and ultimately make a greater impact.


Blending Design Into Active Workstreams

We join up with your team and identify your skills gaps, in active project work, to identify the right mix of skills based training and action learning to blend design into every day work.

Skills Based Design Training

We work with ambitious leaders who want to develop a design capability in their team by enhancing their design research, facilitation, collaboration, creativity, storytelling or envisioning skills.


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Why BetterWork?

We are an active design company,
we teach what we do.

BetterWork’s knowledge and passion leave teams feeling motivated and challenged. Our practical workshops are designed to simulate the experience of doing design and integrate your active work streams into the session.

You can expect to:

  • Leave highly motivated to tackle complex challenges at work

  • Feel like you’ve reconnected with your teammates and widened your view of the value they could bring

  • Gain a new perspective on the value of team work and what you can do to ensure your teams are healthy and effective

  • Adopt a new mindset about and approach to organisational change

  • Participate in an active design challenge either for social impact or to address your immediate needs

  • Experience the design thinking process, practice design methods and assess your organisation’s design readiness

  • Define what design could mean for your team and learn how to identify ways to make design a habit in your everyday work

Very few times in business, do you get to participate in a process that can change the course of your business. That is exactly what BetterWork did for us.

— Reinard du Plessis, ATKV
This is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before in a workshop. It was refreshing to be encouraged to be creative about our work and I’m happy it doesn’t end here, we have experiments to do, there’s action.
— Leader at Global Investment Bank

Design-Thinking Training


Design Thinking Immersion

2 Day Design Thinking Workshop conducted on-site with your team


Design Thinking for People Leaders

Learn how to facilitate the design-thinking process as a leader in HR, L&D or OD.


Service Design Immersion

Learn how to apply Service Design methods in a 2 day action learning programme designed to work on your business challenges.


Design Team Leadership

Across all of our work universal standards of practice have emerged. We’ll explore the principles and practices of a successful design team and leave you with a custom playbook to embed the behaviour in your team at work.


How We Make
Training Stick

For the most part traditional classroom based learning doesn’t lead to better organisational performance because when people go back to work they revert to their old ways of doing things.

That’s why BetterWork has established a practice to bridge the gap between knowing a way of working, like Design-Thinking and applying it back into the flow of work.