developing creative confidence

Delivered On-Site

Full or Half-Day

This workshop is designed to lead participants through a journey of personal discovery and creative transformation applied to a work problem with the tools and methods to work like a creative, all the time.


Liz Dom leads teams through a creative awakening process to unlock their creative potential.

Participants in this interactive session tap into their creativity and apply it to a work problem and learn the tools and methods to work like a creative, all the time.

Experience of a Creative Re-Awakeing

  • Your team will walk away energised and will have a new lens to apply to solving complex problems at work.

What you get:

  • Repeatable creative plays to integrate in everyday work

  • Custom creativity at work toolkit with

Liz Dom

Liz Dom

Liz is a fine artist (BVA) and experience designer at BetterWork. The focus of her work is on unlocking the creative potential of teams.



Origins of creativity and creative ideas

Developing a mindset for creativity

Develop a creative process with your team by working visually, out loud and iteratively

Apply creativity to everyday work, like meetings and brainstorms

What You’ll
Leave with

Habits to develop your creative practice

Activate your team’s creative potential

Understand environmental conditions which enable creativity at work

Processes which unlock creativity in teams, like participatory design and Design-Thinking

Tools to encourage and sustain creativity in your team

Tools you’ll

Creativity Prompt Guide
Pocket prompt cards designed to spark creative connections

Creative Mindset Starter-Kit
Kits containing The Rules of Creativity deck and a guide to low-fidelity prototyping with basic materials

The Artist’s Framework
A framework for approaching problems/projects from an artist’s perspective